Sunday, March 13, 2016

Pink Dissed Kim K

Pink’s Twitter message posted to mark the International Women’s Day indirectly seems to have some calling out to Kim Kardashian. The American singer was trying to make an effort to inspire women around the world through her message. Kardashian has received a lot of flak from celebs for baring her body on social media.
So has Pink joined the growing list of celebs who include Chloe Grace Moretz and Bette Midler? These celebs criticized the reality star for posting naked selfies just a night before the Women’s Day.
What Does Pink’s Message Say?
The message from Pink addresses all the women across the world and requests them to use their brains, their talent, their work ethic, their strength, the magic that they were gifted with from birth that only they possess instead of using sex and body assets. According to the celebrated songwriter and dancer, it may not bring more banknotes or “attention,” but women of integrity do not need that kind of attention.
Pink said that the quiet moments make you feel something deeper that is incomparable to the fleeting excitement you get from attention. She stressed on maintaining self-respect and pride and requested women to resist the urge to give into the surrounding pressure so that they will not be making any silly excuses afterwards.
Is Pink Referring To Kim?
Yes, it seems so! After Kardashian posted her bare-all selfie on social media, many followers, including celebs, fired back at her. In response, the “Keeping Up With The Kardashian” star said that everyone is free to have his feelings and opinions, and she is open to hearing all but won’t change her mind.
It seems that Kim Kardashian is in no mood to give in and is ready to take the debate further. The 35-year-old brunette fired back saying she does not understand why people are bothered with what others are choosing to do with their lives. In her post, she writes that even though she does not indulge in drinking or drugs or has committed a crime, she is regarded as a bad model just for being proud of her body.