Sunday, March 13, 2016

Paradize Dynasty

While the concept may be that of casual dining, the interiors are far from casual. When you enter the restaurant and pass through a corridor, you can watch chefs molding colourful pieces of the house specialty xiao long bao.  From 100-year-old timber wall panels and chandeliers made to resemble imperial court lamps, the ambience is very much like Imperial China with a contemporary feel.

Choose from eight sumptuous flavours like black truffle, foie gras, garlic, ginseng, cheese, Szechuan and crab roe!
Just by looking at the round bamboo baskets placed on almost every table, you can pick up that the delicate xiao long bao are a big draw. After all, how often do you see them in striking colours like pink and black and innovative flavours like cheese and foie gras? Altogether, they come in eight colours, each one representing a unique flavour.

The “extra” ingredients taste subtle rather than overwhelm the filling. Regardless of which flavour you go for, the xiao long bao tastes marvellous, bursting with hot, fragrant broth with a tinge of novelty.
  1. Original (white) – As the acid test of the sampler, the classic soup dumpling with its thin, firm skin passes with flying colours.
    (S$6.80++ for 6; S$9.80++ for 10)
  2. Ginseng (green) – The herbal flavour is very distinct in this green cutie.
    (S$12.80++ for 6; S$19.80++ for 10)
  3. Foie gras (brown) – At almost twice the price, it is difficult to tell this apart from the original.
    (S$12.80++ for 6; S$19.80++ for 10)
  4. Black Truffle (black) – The earthy taste of truffles adds an interesting dimension to the filling. This is one of my favourites.
    (S$12.80++ for 6; S$19.80++ for 10)
  5. Cheese (yellow) – A popular hit with kids, mozzarella cheese is added in small amounts for a rich and satisfying morsel.
    (S$8.80++ for 6; S$13.80++ for 10)
  6. Crab Roe (orange) – Sweet crab meat and a dash of crab roe are added to the pork filling.
    (S$12.80++ for 6; S$19.80++ for 10)
  7. Garlic (grey) – Uh, get this only if you like the garlicky taste.
    (S$8.80++ for 6; S$13.80++ for 10)
  8.  Szechuan (pink) – A light hand is employed with the chilli oil and peppercorns. The spiciness may be mild, but still ups the excitement factor.
    (S$8.80++ for 6; S$13.80++ for 10)
You can indulge in all eight flavours in the sampling basket. Then, when you have decided on your favourites, order them separately. (That somewhat reminds me of the buffet at Rice Table Indonesian Restaurant where every dish is served at the beginning for sampling before you go on to order your favourites.)

In addition to the quality food, you will also appreciate the service here. Even with the brisk business, the waitstaff are very efficient and always at the ready to bring extra bowls and plates or refill our cups.
If you are in search of quality Chinese fares at exceedingly reasonable prices and great quality, you will find Paradise Dynasty hard to beat.