Thursday, March 10, 2016

Heart, ... Speak.

I'm always looking for love. Since young. But the kind of love that I'm getting are always different from what I've imagined them to be. I've different kinds of love in my life. The caring ones. The Hamsap one. The not romantic ones. The romantic ones. The ones whom I fell in love slowly. The ones I love at first sight. The one sided love. The stalker love. But three came close to what I've really imagined love would be and should be. The Christian boy who I fell in love at first sight and was attracted to him with his inner and outer beauty. The chubby cheeks guy who showered me with care and concern effortlessly. And the guy who made me fall in love with him so madly and deeply till I can't see any rotten roses. These were the three that came close to what I call perfect love. Yes, I am currently dating but I am so afraid to be hurt again. But that doesn't stop me from finding love. I didn't expect to write this Long. I didn't even expect to write this at all. But all these just came from my heart. My most sincerest entry.