Thursday, February 25, 2016

8 secrets long-lasting couples do during argument that make them stick together

So, what’s the defining factor that led couples on the path to make or break? Well, it might not be due to the arguments or lack of, but in how arguments are handled within a relationship. Here are 8 secrets long-lasting couples do during argument that make them stick together. If you’re in a relationship, you’ll definitely have to hear about these today. Before it’s too late, yeah?
Set some ground rules of arguments
That’s like “conflict management 101”. Set some ground rules so both of you won’t go over the line.

Keep the argument slow
This means no screaming at each other right off the bat. Give both of you a chance to say your piece before rebutting each other’s point. If the argument starts building up and you realize you’re close to screaming at each other, do #3. It’s been proven that arguments that has a jumpstart in aggressiveness will never end well.

Know when to take a timeout
In arguments, emotions run high and people say things in the heat of the moment. Caustic barbs, digging up of past mistakes, name-calling, all these once said, you’d find, can be pretty hard to take back even if it’s not meant to be intentional. Know when to call a timeout, count silently to 10 before continuing the argument rationally. After all, you wouldn’t want the relationship to be broken because something you said can’t be taken back, especially if you had not meant it, right?

Keep pride out of the argument
You’ll be surprised at how often this is neglected by couples. Argue things out logically and rationally, don’t give in to irrational emotions like pride. It’ll cause the argument to escalate till the damage is done, because even if you know you’re wrong, you might continue arguing because you don’t want to lose your pride.

It’s all about give-and-take
It’s like the basic rule of any negotiation: everyone leaves the table with something. Most couples, when they argue, wants to win and the other party to lose. Learn to give in at times and you’ll realize that the relationship will be a happier and longer-lasting one.

Leave no stone un-turned
And this is probably one of the most important point you have to note in this article. Remember back in the past when a radio station did an advert on TV? Their tagline was, “Hear only the good thing.” This is somewhat similar, and you’ll realize that most couples stay far away from dangerous topics while talking and discussing the easy ones. The truly long-lasting couples will tackle all questions, be it easy or hard, so that they can prevent any potential problems from building up and erupting, making the entire situation non-salvageable.

Truly listen to each other
In an argument, you’re so consumed with the thought that you’re right you won’t bother going to hear the other side of the story. Couples who does this will find themselves arguing non-stop without a resolution met because, well, both wants the other to accept their line of thinking instead of taking in their opinions, deciding if they’re right and reaching an understanding.

Remember that you’re together
Okay, this advice might sound useless but it’s the most important point you have to remember. Both of you must always remind yourselves of the fact that after the argument, the both of you are still a couple. Be it in life or death, happiness or sickness, you’re a team, and if you remember that, you’ll be more willing to do #1 to #7. After all, the both of you love each other deeply, why on earth would you want to hurt each other than in the heat of the moment, right?