Friday, February 26, 2016

15 Things You Need to Know About Dating a Gemini (ME)

15. Geminis love to talk.
And talk, and talk, and talk! Seriously though, you might not even have to pay close attention all the time because Geminis get enormous joy from the sound of their own voices!

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14. They’re the life of the party.
And they love going to parties. So before you get in too deep with a Gemini, consider your own social preferences. If you’re more of a homebody, you’ll have to be okay with letting your partner have the spotlight and trust him to hit the town solo when you’d rather curl up in front of the TV.

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13. They’re represented by the Twins and their ruling planet is Mercury.
This means Geminis can be quite mercurial. Their sudden shifts in attitude or interest can be hard to keep up with, but they’re never boring!

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12. They’re quick-witted.
Wanna laugh for an evening? Hang out with a Gemini!

11. They’re playful and fun when it comes to love.
You can expect plenty of fun, adventurous dates and exciting romantic getaways with a Gemini man.

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10. Geminis are very compatible with other Geminis.
You might think that two chatty, flighty people wouldn’t mesh well but two Geminis can be a dynamic combination.

9. They have a tendency to pay more attention to their thoughts than their feelings.
Fair warning—they do a lot of thinking. On the bright side, nothing is more stimulating to a Gemini man than intellect and a little verbal foreplay.

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8. They tend to have a short attention span in general and in relationships.
Geminis are easily bored by the same old, same old but as long as you keep them on their toes, they’ll be in it for the long haul.

7. Gemini is most compatible with Leo, Libra, Aries, and Aquarius.
We’re not saying it won’t work out if you’re not one of these signs but the odds might just be in your favor if you are!

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6. Famous Geminis include: Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe, Kanye West, and Angelina Jolie.

Notice a pattern here? We can definitely see how each of these celebs has two sides to them, the most prevalent marker of a Gemini, the Twins.

5. They want a stable relationship but the Gemini man needs a lot of variety and stimulation to stay interested.
If you want commitment from a Gemini, you can get it, as they tend to want it really bad! That said, keeping them interested long-term can challenging so be prepared to consider major life changes every few years. From cross-country moves to pursuing a new career, nothing is off-limits for an impulsive Gemini.

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4. A Gemini man needs space in order to thrive in a relationship.
He needs to be able to spread his wings and maintain his individuality. But, if you give him that freedom, he’ll be a wonderful partner at home.

3. Geminis do well in long distance relationships.
Distance gives them some of that much needed space to be who they are—expressing all sides of themselves without worrying about embarrassing or ignoring a partner nearby.

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2. Geminis are stimulated by intellect.
Be smart. Be quick-witted. Be with a Gemini.

1. Geminis are bold and adventurous in bed.
Perhaps the best benefit, your love life with a Gemini man will always be an adventure. That same desire to keep things new and fresh in life carries over into the bedroom. Enjoy!

(Disclaimer: This post is not written by me)