Friday, April 22, 2016

The Guy You're Going to Marry

He’s the one who holds your hand in a dark movie theatre, even after years of going to see movies together. When there’s a scary or romantic or sad part, he always manages to find your hand between your seats and give it the littlest squeeze, or just let your fingers rest softly together. He knows that the best part of movie night is not the movie itself, but spending it with you, and getting to talk about it the whole way home.

The guy you will marry might not be the most handsome, the most funny, the smartest, the strongest. His job might not make the most money, sure, but you would much rather have him at home with you at a reasonable time than have him working nights and weekends at some high-powered job to make you a little richer. He isn’t perfect in any one way, but he’s perfect to you in all of them.

When you have one of your freakouts about something minor, he’ll keep his cool. And when he’s frustrated over something small, you’ll know how to make him put it in perspective. To each other, you’ll be a mix of therapist, doctor, and trusted friend. Sometimes the only thing you’ll need to separate the “legitimate problems” from the “all-in-your-head annoyances” will be someone who can talk you down from the ledge. You will always be that person for each other.