Wednesday, April 6, 2016

5 Important Qualities to look for in LOVE.


1. We flirt, play and enjoy each other’s company. Emotional, mental and physical connection is a priority.
2. Physical attraction is an absolute must. Especially behind closed doors. Passions on top of passions.

Clear Communication

3. We leave little room for miscommunication. We feel comfortable to express our thoughts freely and respectfully.
4. We actually talk on the phone, go on dates, etc. versus meaningless text messaging. A man who can pick up a phone to call to say hello and tell me he is thinking of me is great start.


5. Committed to love all my awes and flaws through the good times and the bad times. It’s life! It ain’t perfect. After a recent breast cancer scare, I kept wishing that there was someone by my side who would be there with unconditional love and support.
6. Fidelity is essential. Cheating is selfish. I rather be single if that is the case.


7. Loves his family. This is a great indicator how he will love your family. My son is my family. Eventually, when I find someone I want to build a future with, I want to know he has a good heart and will love my son unconditionally.
8. He has a compassionate heart for everyone around him. Does he volunteer his time? Will he be there if someone is in need? Now that is someone that is really attractive.


9. We need to share some hobbies and activities in common. I never said all. It’s about creating bonds.
10. We just click and overtime we grow to be best friends. If you are entrusting your heart and life in another, wouldn’t you want that to be your best friend? He should be your confidante and number one supporter.