Saturday, March 4, 2017

How to get to Elephant Rock (Taipei)

Although this huge rock in shape of elephant trunk is not marked on usual map yet, the place could be expected being near Shenao Fishing Port (深澳漁港) from relation among its name and the port. However, as there is no road sign clarifying the direction, most people would be led to Chief Cliff (酋長岩) by crowds. Indeed, it is just right behind Chief Cliff and you might pass through roadblock set at opposite entrance of the fishing port to reach the place. Except for mushroom rocks which share similar characteristic of the one at Yehliu (野柳), you could see people enjoying their time by different means, some are sitting on rock to watch the sea, others are fishing, and still others are taking selfie with those strange yellow stones. Within 5 minutes, this long, long elephant trunk is in front of your eyes.


Go only during a dry and not stormy day. During rainy days the rocks become very slippery. On windy or stormy days, gusts might blow you easily from the cliff. It is better to come in the afternoon when the sun is low. Then the sun will also be on the landward side giving good light. In the morning and mid day the sun can be very intense, and there is nothing to hide in the shade. It can be a pain to take photos during this time, also the light is not ideal (except you want this kind of light). On weekends and holidays you can expect more people there, but during weekdays this place is pretty empty.
In the harbour are plenty of restaurants serving the freshly catched fish. It’s a great place to have a lunch break or dinner.


Elephant Rock is located on the north coast of Taiwan, about 5 km east of Keelung City. The easiest and fasted way to reach it is by car or scooter. Go until the end of the harbor, there is plenty of parking space. By public transport take bus 791 or 1051 from Keelung train station and get off at 深澳發電廠 (Shēn ào fādiàn chǎng) and walk to the harbor. The bus takes about 1 hour.